Your Guide to Intention Setting

Your Guide to Intention Setting

January 01, 2020

I'm sharing with you my own personal guide on how to effectively set your intentions, and focus your energy on authentic transformation for the year ahead.


Before you start focusing on the future, you must reflect on the year or period that was, and release anything that you do not want to be bringing with you, as we all know excess baggage costs!

And just as important is to be reflecting on your wins, as they can be a great springboard to be jumping from when setting your intentions.

Once you've done that, you can then be getting prep'd for your intention setting.

Let's get you started on your sparkly new dreams!

“intentions are the starting point of every dream—the seed of creation.” Deepak Chopra

Here are some supporting tools that can aid you in co-creating your intentions with the universe. Co-creation happens naturally whenever your soul or inner knowing inspires you to take action and follow your passion or pursue your life purpose. However, it isn't always easy to listen to those quiet yearnings deep inside ourselves, and I feel anchoring into these supportive tools help with the process.

Remember, this is your ritual, your intentions, so choose whichever supporting tools you feel comfortable with and that speak to you. 

  • personal journal 
  • your downloadable guide at the end of this post
  • your favourite pen
  • essential oils/sage stick/incense 
  • singing bowl/music/your voice  
  • any card deck (tarot/oracle/affirmations)
  • crystals/s
  • flowers/shells/feathers
  • a mat/rug to sit on

These supportive tools are to aid you in all or any of these;

  • meditation
  • visualisation
  • anchoring
  • feeling
  • writing

This is where your seeds of intention will gain their power to actualise.

How to Start 

    The most beautiful way to start is to choose your space. Maybe it's your favourite place in your garden, on the cliffs overlooking your favourite beach, or simply in a quiet space in your home. You will be adorning your space with some or all of the above co-creating tools, so whatever space you choose will be perfect.

    Begin adorning your space. Place your mat/rug in the space outdoors of your choosing, or make your chair in your home super comfy. Start placing your supporting tools where feels right for you and is attractive to your eye, and in arms reach if you will be wanting to reach for them.

    I love to start by clearing my space of any negative or stale energy that may be lurking around. You may choose the Singing Bowl to start, or 'smudging' by burning your Sage Stick or Incense, or choosing an essential oil that you can use in your diffuser or a drop in the palm of your hands or on a stick, a stone or anything to provide you with an aroma.

    The essential oils I love to use when clearing a space are;

    • Lemongrass - The Oil of Cleansing
    • Wintergreen - The Oil of Surrender

    And the essential oils I love to use when setting intentions are;

    • Wild Orange - The Oil of Abundance
    • Litsea - The Oil of Manifestation
    • Frankincense - The Oil of Truth
    • Salubelle Blend - The Oil of Spiritual Insight

    [interested in Essential Oils? click HERE to learn more.]

    You can then set the mood, and I love using Spotify playlists. You can search just about anything, but you want to be choosing songs/playlists that raise the vibration of your space and hold you in your intention. 

    I have created a Spotify Playlist for you...and it even begins with the Singing Bowl.


    “ Stubbornly believe in your unknown success”

    Once the 'scene' is set, you are ready, and i'm positive you'll feel ready to start setting your intentions.

    Step 1. 

    Get really clear on what it is that you want 

    How do you feel, how do you dress, what climate do you live in, what type of friends are you surrounded by, how much money is in your bank account, how do you feel in your workplace or with your work mates or employees.

    Your intentions should feel like a stretch, and yes, should feel scary, but they should not feel like a struggle.

    And remember, what you focus on grows. Focus on your desires, that grows. Focus on the problems you might encounter, that grows too!

    Step 2.

    Remove all limitations

    Begin to write out whatever flows from you in your journal, or use the prompts in your downloadable guide below.

    Remember, it is normal for your fear to start speaking. Acknowledge it and let it go. Doubt your doubts, question your fears and your limiting stories.

    Step 3.

    Do what you can that is in your power 

    Small steps towards your big vision is a lot less overwhelming. Break down your big beautiful intention into small actionable steps.

    For example, you may begin by planning your week, decluttering your inbox, writing out a goal/intention, walking in nature or even resting. And these small steps to your vision can take days, weeks or months to achieve. You are the author of your story, and any great story takes time.

    I have created a planner for you to map out your small actionable steps in the downloadable guide.

    Step 4.

    Add your signature

    Use the template in your download to write out each intention, a date and your signature. You can use this like your contract with yourself, add it to your vision board, pop in your journal, or bury it in the Earth like in the next step.


    Step 5.

    Let go of your need to have it 

    Trust in it and release it! You have sent clear messages out, so now it's time to trust that they have been heard loud and clear.

    You may like to plant your piece of paper into the Earth, just like a seed.

     “My intentions are a place to come from, not a place to get to” 


    Once you have finished that process, you may like to pull a card from your card deck and receive inspiration from your future self from that.

    Or you may like to write a conscious creation script and read it out loud every morning, to bring you into the energy of your intentions or, maybe write a sentence of gratitude in your future self every morning in your journal.


    I'd love to hear how you went with this guide, and please share your feedback in the comments below, as this guide is my own personal guide I created for myself to setting my own intentions.

    *You will be required to create an account for your FREE download. Once your account is activated you can click on 'Return To Store' and click 'READ MORE' on this blog post. When it asks you for payment just keep clicking through as if it were a normal purchase, as this will activate your free download. You may download from the cart, or an email will also be sent with the download link for you to download when the time is right for you.

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